Hey! My name is Jamireal B. Epps 
& I'm a Photographer and 2D Artist. 

I was born and raised in the sun shine state of Florida. I has been a creative free spirit since birth. As I have grown, so has my creative free spirit.  
While I have many creative outlets, I get the most joy and pleasure out of being behind the lens of a camera and putting my creative imagination on paper.
 In 2016 I firmed her company,  J. Bonet LLC, to freely express and share my creative vision with my own brand and sytle of photography and drawings. 
Drawing is a passion that I have had since I was a little girl drawing and shading Dragonball Z movie covers with one HB pencil. As I grow I discovered that there were so many shades of a pencil and media to express myself with. There is nothing more satisfying then completing an art piece.
I have always had and eye for detail and the movement of the body is something an artist studies regularly, which came in handy when I discovered the camera lens. Photography is outlet that quenches my creative thrist in a much more timely fashion.
I'm anchored in the belief that every client that approaches us for our service sees that I have something different to offer. So in return I view every client as a unique experience in and of itself, with no preconceptions because of past projects.
Creatively run through my veins so doing the same routine doesn't appeal to me. So whatever type of experience you're looking to capture, I'm looking to experience and do to not only to expand my creative palette, but so my mind can be free as it wants to be and untrapped by routine.
I'm an easy going person who is easy to talk to and love to balance ideals and expand them with others. I also like to hear from other and get their feed back. While I may believe my ideal is good, with the good advice of another it can always be inproved upon. So, open up to me and share some of your ideals.
​​Since the formation of J. Bonet the majority of my work has been to get a stronge foundation on the concept of photography and all the elements that make a good photo a great photo, the settings of my Canon EOS Rebel T6i, and the editing process of a photography. ​​

J. Bonet started off busines in the Fort Lauderdale area, but now since I commute back and forth between Orlando anf Fort Lauderdale I have come to include it in my work coverage. While I am always seeking knowledge to improve my skills and knowledge base in photography, I now believe I can start to carry out my desire to create original art piece with the intent to show case and sell them in a gallery in due time.   

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